Why does old insulation need to be removed?

Modern insulation surpasses the quality of insulation available 15 to 20 years ago. In the past, insulation typically measured around 50-75 mm in thickness, rated at R1.5. Nowadays, we install insulation that is 180-220 mm thick, with ratings ranging from R3.5 to R4.1. Upgrading your roof insulation to these contemporary standards often results in a significant reduction in heating costs.

What do we remove?

We can remove the following forms of insulation:

  • Inferior batt insulation
  • Old cellulose
  • Dust

How do we remove old insulation?

Depending on access options, we can lift your tiles or access from inside your home safely. If there are old batts we will bag them and remove them from site for disposal. We then suck out all the old dust, dirt and leaves, clean and ready for new batts to be installed.

The benefits you receive 

  • Clean ceilings. No more dust or rubbish which can sometime seep through vents and downlights in the home
  • Reduce the aggravation and symptoms of allergies and asthma
  • Reduction of fire hazards
  • Clean work environment for future trades
  • Maximum savings on heating and cooling costs by having appropriate and correctly fitted insulation